Workplace Health & Safety programs

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« The gym moves temporarily into your company ! »

We come to your company premises with all the necessary equipment (mats, dumbbells, elastics…) and transform your workspace (meeting room, reception hall…) into a gym for the duration of a session.

« 94% of employees who take part are satisfied […] Managers who offer Physical Activities to their employees express the same level of satisfaction. More than 8 out of 10 believe that it improves the health and well-being of their employees (89%), facilitates integration into the company (87%), strengthens team spirit (85%), contributes to better stress management (80%) and develops the feeling of belonging to the company (80%). Better still: 100% of them recommend that other companies do the same! »

(Baromètre Vitalité, Sport et Entreprise, Generali et Opinionway, 2018).

Case stydy in France: Poissy town council1,2

Since January 2017, the municipality of Poissy has implemented a workplace well-being program for their employees, who benefit from 2 hours of sport per week during their working hours. Right from the first year, 750 fewer days of absenteeism were recorded, representing €100,000 in savings. Since the start of the operation, Poissy town hall has recorded a reduction in sick leave of almost 30%!

Physical activity at workplace encouraged by the government!

Since the circular of 12/12/20193, offering sport to employees is no longer considered a benefit in kind! In other words, « a company that offers its employees access to a sports facility or to physical activities with an instructor will no longer have to pay social security charges on these expenses, thus eliminating the 54% of charges associated with them ».

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Force development for prevention and improvement of work capacity

cardio training

Development of cardiovascular capacity and improvement in general health

Health & safety

Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders and health problems related to sedentary or overworked lifestyles, movement education and ergonomics, awareness of risky postures

Equipment provided

The equipment required for the session is provided by your coach: dumbbells, elastics, handles…

Social & fun

To promote learning and cohesion


Adapted to company needs, Initial questionnaire, Regular feedbacks and exchanges for continuous improvement


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Each offer is adapted to the company’s needs and designed after a diagnosis. Contact us for pricing information!

The price includes session preparation, equipment and travel, and depends on a number of variables such as location, schedule, number of participants… . It is agreed with the customer before the start of the session.

Online gym sessions (visio)

Keep your staff in shape, even when they’re working from home or on vacation, by offering them guided and supervised online sessions!

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