Strength & Conditioning

Develop your athletic performance!

S&C programs are adapted and planned to suit your objectives, enabling you to reach a high level of performance. They will enable you to optimally develop the general and/or specific physical qualities required for your activity:

  • Strength
  • Speed: linear and lateral speed, acceleration, deceleration, changes of direction…
  • Power
  • Endurance : long endurance, aerobic power, running economy…
  • Functional mobility
You’ll be able to track your progress thanks to regular performance monitoring based on specific, scientifically-validated field tests used in top-level sport.


Improve your strength and power

cardio training

Develop your cardiovascular system

Nutritional tips

Get nutritional advices for better performance


Track your progress with regular performance testing: weight, body fat/muscular mass, strength, mobility, power, speed…

Safety & progression

Prevent injuries and joint problems with adapted, progressive training

Equipment provided

The small equipment needed for the session is provided by your coach: mats, dumbbells, elastics…


For information on « S&C programs » prices, please contact us for an evaluation that takes into account all the parameters of your needs.

* Prices are indicative only (excl. VAT). The price includes session preparation, equipment and travel, and depends on a number of variables, such as location, schedule, number of participants, etc… . Prices are agreed with the customer before the start of the session.

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