Running/Trail & Strength programs

Online follow-up

Follow a precise, individualized training program with regular feedback to adapt your training day by day.

Enter your parameters (heart rate, load, fatigue, etc.) and feedback at the end of each session to enable your coach to adapt and modify your program for guaranteed results!

  • Planning based on your primary and secondary objectives
  • Detailed sessions with all necessary variables (effort/recovery time, intensity, pace, load, etc.)
  • General advices to optimize the quality of your workouts
  • Nutritional advices
  • Warm-up, mobility and training videos

Follow your training program, tracking and all your sessions on your mobile or computer

  • Daily monitoring of your state of fitness using scientifically-recognized tests and questionnaires
  • Feedback possible with your coach after each session (sms/mail)
  • Adjust your training to suit your progress and any unforeseen circumstances
  • Running/Trail: Preparation for road and outdoor races
  • Bodybuilding: Preparation for performance and competitions (army, police force…)
  • Adapted to your level: from beginner to high-level athlete
  • Injury prevention by controlling training volume and load

Choose your program

1 Month Plan only

90 €*

/per month
3 mois Plan only

75 €*

/per month
6 Mois Plan only

60 €*

/per month
1 Month Plan+follow-up

150 €*

/per month
3 mois Plan+follow-up

135 €*

/per month
6 Mois Plan+follow-up

120 €*

/per month

*Prices are indicative only (excl. VAT). The price of services depends on several variables. They are agreed with the customer before the start of the service.

DUO Offer

15% off for 2 programs (2 pers.)

Train with your friends or partner with an optimized program adapted to your abilities

extra services

Optimize your technique and training with specific and original exercise programs to complement your training program.


Running technique

Improve your running economy & performance



Recover quickly and improve your work capacity


Strength development

Learn to generate and apply more force while moving


activation & relaxation

Control your activation level for optimal performance and recovery

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