Personal Coaching

On your own or with your partner, with friends or neighbors, improve your health and well-being!

A private coaching session (1h to 1h15) is divided into several steps, some of which may vary depending on your goals. Here is a general outline of a session:

  • Preparation/Warm-up : Mobility, Activation (shoulder/hip stabilizers), activation of the cardiovascular system, work on fundamental movement patterns, activation of the nervous system
  • Strengthening : General muscular strengthening
  • Cardio-training : Cardio-vascular wprk (boxing, running…)
  • Cool-down : Relaxation and Breathing exercises relaxation

Strength Training

Improve your strength for your physical and daily activities

cardio training

Improve your cardio-vascular capacity

Body nutrition

Get nutritional advices to improve your health and well-being

Monitoring and follow-up

Get a scientific longitudinal follow-up with specific tests and monitoring (body composition, speed and power testing…)


Prevent injuries and joints problems with a progressive and adapted training program

Material Provided

The necessary equipment is brought by your coach: mats, dumbells, elastic bands, boxing gloves…


***Free trial Session*** 

Try it out and discover a classic private session!

You can benefit from a 50% tax credit on your sports coaching sessions (at home only) with immediate deduction thanks to the « Immediate tax credit advance » service.

Développement des capacités cardio-vasculaires et amélioration de la santé générale

* Prices are given as an indication (excl. taxes)

The price of the services includes the preparation of the session, the material, travel and depends on several variables like the place, time, number of people… . It is fixed in agreement with the client before the beginning of the services.

Private Personal Coaching

80 €*

or 40€ / session after tax credit

Online Coaching (Video)

45 €*

/ session

Online Personal training (video)

Whether on business travel or vacation, on your own, with your family or with friends who are far away, train wherever you want!

All you need is an internet connection and the minimum equipment (mat, elastic bands…) for a supervised and adapted session with your coach!

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